A Family Weekend!

We have had a super busy weekend. with a family wedding on the Saturday and a Birthday meal to celebrate Grandma’s ‘special’ Birthday.
of course each new wedding deserves a full set of new outfits. Here we are in our glad rags. Little Miss is wearing a fab super girly pink dress all the way from Macy’s in New York and a cardi from Ted Baker. Little Mr is wearing a next suit and a great navy tie with dogs on. He is in his socks in these picture as he was refusing to wear his shoes, he ended up going to the wedding in his red canvas shoes. They did look cute and though!
First stop was the church for the wedding ceromony. I didnt take any pictures outside as unfortunately it was throuwing it down so we were dashing to the car with toddler, baby and all the pariphanlia that acompanies them too.


The reception was held at a quaint village hall that had been decorated to perfection. It looked amazing and was a true testemant to all the hard work and attention to detail that had been put in.

What wedding is complete without your own Oscar Style family selfie.
We thought that the tash and eyebrows rather suited Uncle Ben and would be rather suited to 70’s ‘adult’ films!

Since Little Miss was asleep when we took the first selfie we did our own mini one with her.

We were also treated to a visit from an ice-cream van, it was delicious. Little Mr absolutely adored the photo booth too. I think he must have been on most peoples pictures. We had a few goes ourselves too.

The beautiful Bride and Groom during their first dance.
On the Sunday we headed to a lovely restaurant for a family meal.

If Carlsberg made weekends…




Our Easter Weekend

We had a very busy but very lovely Easter. Our main focus was really little Mr’s Birthday which fell on the Easter Saturday, however we still squeezed in some Easter activities and of course lots of scrummy chocolate.
An Easter Tree
I had been planning to get an Easter tree to hang decorations from but I just hadn’t got around to it as I was far to busy planning for Little Mr’s Birthday. luckily my Mum came to the rescue though and brought some twigs from her garden so we made our very own tree.
First we filled a pot with some stones to hold the branches in place. (turns out you actually need to put the stones in after the twigs, its much easier )

Little Mr got busy making some decorations for the tree.

Next we took the branches outside and sprayed them with a can of left over ‘snow’ from Christmas. It was not sure it would cover the branches very well but it did a lovely job.
A Sunday Lunch
On the Sunday we headed to my sister in laws house for lunch.

We had a lovely lunch and Little Mr played in the park opposite. He even had a cheeky bath to play with some of his new Birthday presents.
An Easter Breakfast
On Easter Monday we headed to my Mums for a superb Easter breakfast.

Easter Treats
Little Mr and Little Miss were spoilt and got lots of lovely treats from family.
An Egg Hunt
I had bought a great Kinder egg hunt set our Little’s Easter basket so took it to my Mums to have an egg hunt in her huge garden.

I’m not sure Little Miss was too impressed.

We had a lovely weekend albeit very busy though we very rarely get a weekend to ourselves anyway so we are used to it now.

It’s the weekend!!

My most favourite part of the week in Friday it always has been. Admittedly the reasons go it being my favourite day have changed big time. Once it was the excitement of getting glammed up to party away the end of the week with promises of lazy lie ins, casual lunch dates, a spot of shopping,cinema trips maybe even another night out to showcase the new shoes.

Now it is the excitement of the door opening as my hubby gets back from work and the excitement of spending the weekend together just as a four, they are our favourite weekends.  This weekend will be a little different as it is Mothers Day so we are heading to the coast. I do love Sunday lunches but we do that all the blooming time so instead we like to go somewhere especially now we have our own children. This will be my first Mother’s Day having a daughter as well as a son I can’t wait. It was a great day on Little Mr’s first Mother’s Day, I finally felt like I belonged to ‘the club’. The day becomes all the more special when you have your own children to share it with. I am lucky enough to have my mum around to share the day with too so can only imagine that the day becomes tinged with sadness if you don’t.  I know it’s only one day of 365 more but it must bring it home all the more. It really makes me want to cherish the ones I have.