Our family holiday

We were recently lucky enough to jet off to Majorca for a weeks holiday. It ific time. We did have a nightmare start as the seats they had allocated us were all separate on the plane. How can a 3 year old sit by themselves?? Even if the check-in staff were useless the air hostesses were fab and soon got us shuffled so that me and the Little Mr along with Little Miss on my lap were together, Daddy was right in the back corner. Luckily I had followed my Top Tips and had lots to keep them entertained. Taking little Mr to the toilet on board along with Little Miss in my arms was rather interesting and not a situation I had thought about before. It turns out you can’t possibly all fit into the cubicle and you need kind passengers to hold your baby. How any one every joins the mile high club in there I will never know?!

We went to a family resort and it really was A-maz-ing. There was non-stop children’s entertainment. One minute there was a clown making balloon models for the children, the next a set of pirates dancing around the pool looking for treasure. 
Little Mr made lots of little pals and he also had a crush on one of the female entertainers, Julia. It was so cute as he would follow her around and always made sure he got a dance with her too. One of our proudest moments was when the Reps asked if anyone would like to tell a joke, not just any joke a rude joke. We were enjoying of drinks when we heard Little Mr’s voice booming down the microphone. For the rest of the week the reps called him by his name in an extremely deep voice mimicking him. As soon as we heard him we jumped up and ran towards the stage. As I ran it dawned on me what on on earth is his joke, he has just turned three and waltzed on stage, what is he going to say. Well just as Daddy was about to run on with a joke the rep fed little Mr a joke to share. 
“What is the hottest part of the sun?”
Little Mr listens for the answer….
“Er no it’s orange…” He boomed down the microphone.

Turns out the punch line was page 3 but little Mr still had everyone in stitches.

We made so many special happy memories that we are going too keep the rest to ourselves but here are a few pictures. It’s been the first time in years we have returned from a holiday longing to go back. Roll on the next family holiday.