Snow Day

Today was a day full of excitement in our house, school was out and it was officially a snow day. I remember the last time we had anywhere near as much snow Charlie was only a baby and we pulled him around in his sledge. We actually had a sprinkling of snow in January and we could just about sledge on the hills nearby but todays snow was so much better. After finding out we didn’t need to make the journey into school or playgroup we got wrapped up and headed into our back garden. Honestly I was pleased as our road was treacherous, cars were spinning and I would have needed to drive to two separate villages to do my drop offs so it made my morning so much easier.


Bella was super excited to get out and it was great to show the kids proper snow for the first time. We had snowball fights, sledge rides and built a snowman. Unfortunately my snowman making skills are not quite what they used to be. I thought it was a simple case of making a snowball and rolling it until it grew bigger. My technique didn’t work though, I think our snow was the wrong type, ha ha! Instead we resorted to filling the sledge and pulling it to dump in one pile.

We then headed inside for hot chocolate, with cream and marshmallows along with a film. It was nice to warm up after getting so cold. We then spent the day crafting and playing games. In the afternoon we headed out again. I set Charlie on the car as he was desperate to clear off the snow whilst I pulled Bella around on the sledge.

For all of the inconvenience caused by the white stuffs arrival, I must say these are some of my favourite days with the children. The excitement on their faces was fab. We did have tears too when fingers got too cold and trousers too wet but that is part of the snow experience.

Do you like to get out and explore when it snows or are you more of a snuggle under the blankets kind?




Where is the snow Mummy?

Where is the snow Mummy?
 This is a question we have been hearing a lot lately from Little Mr. Who can blame him really it is exciting and the play opportunities are endless. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like we are going to get any of the white stuff (cue big snow storm overnight). So I made Little Mr his own snowy small world. Not as good as the real thing but Little Mr enjoyed it none the less.
I used a big tray, a few of our Happy Land toys for a mountain,  snow cave and ice caps. I used a favourite of ours, shaving foam to create the snow. I added ice cubes too to create an extra dimension to the sensory play.
We even managed to make our own snowmen with the foam. Little Mr has been desperate to build one since he saw some pictures of the ones we built last year.
Little Mr had lots of adventures with his figures. Mostly involving saving someone from the top of the snowy mountain. It is brilliant to play along side him but equally I love the moments when I watch him play independently.  He really is developing a great imagination and is able to formulate his own role play ideas. It makes me so proud to see.
Mrs H