Our Tropical World

Recently we visited Tropical World. Our trip really captured Little Mr’s imagination and he was keen to create somewhere to live for the insects that he bought from the gift shop.
Together we planned what he wanted to include. He thought of most of the ideas himself as he could recall what we had seen the previous day. Though he was adament we had seen cows and pigs, I must have missed those. He was also very keen to have a car, not very tropical but he wanted to be able to drive around his small world scene.
We have a large round tray, which we have used for many small world play themes. It is perfect as can be easily moved around. We then began to collect the other items we needed.

Little Mr eager as ever to start headed outside to collect some sand to start his Tropical play scene.


We have already had lots of play generated from such a small collection of objects. From track making in the sand, to insects hiding an needing to be found. I am sure that we can eek out a few more days of play before changing it over.

Some of the activities we will do with this small world play scene are:

Scientific Knowledge & Understanding – Identifying the names of the toy insects, looking after plants, naming parts of a plant.

Literacy – Role play opportunities & story telling

Numeracy – Counting insects, ordering insects by length, counting legs and simple problem solving.

We have lots of fun making small world play scenes. Have you made any? I would love to find out about yours.


Where is the snow Mummy?

Where is the snow Mummy?
 This is a question we have been hearing a lot lately from Little Mr. Who can blame him really it is exciting and the play opportunities are endless. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like we are going to get any of the white stuff (cue big snow storm overnight). So I made Little Mr his own snowy small world. Not as good as the real thing but Little Mr enjoyed it none the less.
I used a big tray, a few of our Happy Land toys for a mountain,  snow cave and ice caps. I used a favourite of ours, shaving foam to create the snow. I added ice cubes too to create an extra dimension to the sensory play.
We even managed to make our own snowmen with the foam. Little Mr has been desperate to build one since he saw some pictures of the ones we built last year.
Little Mr had lots of adventures with his figures. Mostly involving saving someone from the top of the snowy mountain. It is brilliant to play along side him but equally I love the moments when I watch him play independently.  He really is developing a great imagination and is able to formulate his own role play ideas. It makes me so proud to see.
Mrs H

Fish Play

Inspired by our visit to the deep and Little Mr’s current obsession with the Octonauts I created a small invitation to play. It’s certainly not one of my best and was cobbled together very quickly but little Mr spent ages playing away.

I made a quick deep blue sea with blue water, a plant intended or our fish tank, some flower heads, a couple of sea creature we purchased yesterday on our visit to the deep and some glitter for extra sparkle.

I turns out today Little Mr was not a fan of the glitter so we had to refill and get rid of the sparkles. I think it was more to do with his Octonauts toys getting covered in glitter.

I also made cut out some fish and let Little Mr work his magic. He created a two beautiful pictures.