Easy Peasy Gift Bags

First you need to get all of your supplies together and decide what you would like to put in your bags.

Find a nice basket/case/container to display your bags. I added some shredded paper that I had lying around as I wanted to be sable to see the bags and this basket is quite deep.

You will need some colorful stripey paper bags.

Then you need to fill your bags. I settled on bubbles, smarties and sparkles for my bags as they were quite small.

Before tying up the bags with ribbon you need to make labels. I had planned on using luggage labels but didn’t have enough left in my stash, so instead I cut some rectangles of paper in a contrasting colour. One of my favourite crafty purchases is my letter stamping set. I love the effect created. I stamped the labels and the ever so technically used a pencil to punch a whole in the label.

Finally fold the bag closed and puncture another whole. Thread with some ribbon and tie. Simple yet effective party bags.