Our Day Out

Recently I mentioned that we had visited a local petting farm/adventure park. We had such a good time I thought I would share some of the pictures I took. I love our little days out just the three of us. Of course they would be much better if Daddy was there too.
We started our day with a visit to see the animals. Little Mr particularly liked the goats. 
Where ever we go at the moment he is always keen to read the map. The great thing about this farm is that the map it very child friendly and he could easily pick out where he wanted to go next.
After the animals we headed towards the other play activities. First stop was a spot of miniature golf. Tricky for a three year old but turns out even trickier for me, Little Mr was giving me a run for my money.

One of Little Mr’s favourite parts is the tractor enclosure. He loves hooking and unhooking the trailers along with filling it with’diesel’. As it was half term there were older children to contend with and Little Mr was rather upset when a bigger child came and told him to get off his tractor that he had ever so patiently waited for. So parental involvement (or maybe the teacher in me) was needed. 

After our tractor fun we headed into the picnic enclosure. I had brought a few snacks and Little Miss’s food but purchased mine and Little Mr’s there. I wasn’t organised enough in the morning and wanted to get a move on, making a proper picnic would have just held us up. Well that’s my excuse anyway.

After our lunch we headed to the sandpit. The only picture I got was of my feet. Probably because I can’t relax while he is in there. Sand gets everywhere, it is one of my pet hates. I hate the feel of it when it is in your socks. Therefore Little Mr was swiftly change into wellies. I know I should relax about this a little more, there were plenty of children running around in it barefoot. There was even one child filling her shoes with sand!! I think I just have sandpit phobia.

Once we finally escaped the sandpit Little Miss had a nap whilst Little Mr played in the park.

He loves this big red tractor. He  always has done, I remember he once sat on it for a full 30 minutes happy as could be.

Next stop were the inflatable pillows. Little Mr had so much fun bouncing around. We are sockless here as it meant he could bounce higher apparently.

Last stop was to see a sheep ‘have his hair cut.’ Little Mr was enthral led as he loves getting his hair cut and often talks about the girl who cuts it for us when we drive past. He thought it was hilarious that a sheep was being sheared.

We had a brilliant day and headed home with two very sleepy but content children. Before leaving Little Mr added his mark to the large mural, and I visited the farm shop to stock up on a few yummy treats.

Super Busy Mum

A Happy Day!

Today was a happy day. We decided that as the weather was lovely we would make the most of it with a lovely walk and visit to the local park. Little Mr was just great all morning especially when he had to wait patiently at the phone repair shop, so I promised him he could take one of his bikes/trikes/scooters to the park (yes, we have far too many). Typically though the one he had his heart set on was a little red motorbike which lives at Grannies, so we had to call round there first. Little Mr was intent on bringing Bess wthe dog too but I drew the line there, double buggy, baby, two year old and a bike is enough thanks, I don’t need a dog in tow too.
On our way to the park we walked down one of my favourite streets. It is full of little shops and cafes and hold many memories from my childhood. Naturally we called into the bakery for a cheeky sausage roll each.
Our walk took us along side the river Ouse. Little Mr loved watching and waving to the river boats. I also got a telling of for forgetting to bring bread for the ducks! We finally made it to the park and had a lo let time playing. Little Mr found a friend and together they played an imaginary game of pirates. 

Of course no trip to the park in the sunshine is complete without an ice cream!

What to do when it’s raining?

What to do when it’s raining? I hate when we look out of the window and it’s throwing down. I am not very good at staying at home I like to feel like we have done something. So I really hate it when it’s throwing it down as it is harder to get out especially when you don’t have the car. We get cabin fever if we stay cooped up inside and although we are lucky to have a decent sized garden it’s nice to have a change of scenery. A local haunt of ours at the moment   is the local park it’s only small but easy to get to. So when we looked out of the window the other morn g and it was throwing down we decided to put our wellies on and go and be ‘Peppa’

By the time we got out the clouds started to part and the sun shone. Luckily  we still had puddles had we could splash in. Little Mr still has some sensory issues so it was a bit of a big deal when the water splashed onto his trousers and he got wet (who would have thought it hey) but disaster was avoided when he  was given the responsibility of pushing Little Miss along.

Finally we made it too the park, Little Mr’s favourite game at the moment is to play Firemano Sam and use the firemans pole. I love watching home play and his imagination create wonderful games and increasingly complex scenarios.

Hitching a ride on the way home as somebody declared that their
legs were exhausted.
I love our leisurely afternoons spent at the park.