Dresser Refurb

I have been looking for a dresser for what seems like a life time. The ones I have seen and loved have always cost a small fortune, however recently I stumbled accross a post on facebook of all places advertising an Ercol Welsh Dresser at a fraction of the prices listed on ebay. I jumped at the chance to buy it and within 12 hours it was sitting in our kitchen. In my eagerness to get started I forgot to take a picture before I dabbled at sanding the dresser down but you can get the jist of how it originally looked. The gentleman we bought the dresser from told us it had belonged to his mother and had always been in her living room for as long as he can remember, with many a family party held around it. He wished us many happy years with it which I though was really sweet.
Having recently returned to work I am still adjusting to working 10 plus hour days again so I soon set my hubby onto the job.
We originally used an electrical hand sander but found we prefered the control and finish we achieved through good old fashioned elbow grease so opted to hand sand it.
We then drunk lots of wine and painted the dresser in a fab stone Farrow and Ball colour. After hours of scouring Pinterest for ideas I finally settled on the colour Purbeck Stone.
My favourite part was oiling the top of the dresser which we left sanded. I love how the grain really shows up.
Originally we toyed with the idea of selling it as we dont really have the space but I have fallen in love with it now so it wont be going anywehre.
Here is the nearly finished dresser. It needs another coat really.
Have you ever painted or changed a piece of furniture? I would love to see pictures or posts.


Spring Paintings

Yippee spring is in the air and the house and garden are full of flowers. What better inspiration for some spring panting. Little Mr loves painting and being outside so we decided to add our own dash of spring colour to the garden.


We used foam paint which is a firm favourite in our house.

                               Little Mr aged 2

This is what we ended up with. Note Little Mr’s favourite colour this week is red, hence the red leaves too.

Little Miss is a little too young for outside painting as yet but still wanted to get in on the action. We decided to use Centre Parcs creative director Emma’s top tip of finger painting. 



However it turns out finger/hand printing is a little tricky with a baby who loves to clench her fists and a toddler intent on painting everything in sight red. we swiftly decided to move onto feet.

                               Little Miss 4months
We had great time!

Oh and this is what happens to your patio doors if you turn your back for a second.
“Look at my lovely window flower painting Mummy”

This is my entry to Centre Parcs and Tots100 March challenge. If I am chosen I would like to visit Sherwood Forest.