Now you are 3

Dear Little Mr,
Wow! How can it be that you are turning 3. It seems like only yesterday we were gazing into your newborn eyes as you clasped you tight fists around our fingers. How has so much time passed since we posed for photos before finally bringing you home from the hospital. are you really the same baby we stared in wonderment at when we arrived home thinking “now what”. It is hard to believe you were ever that small. We have loved watching you grow and develop over the past 3 years. You have had a lot of changes during the last year many are bittersweet for us. You grew so much taller, you talk in huge sentences, you started playgroup, you moved into a big bed, you learned how to use big boy pants and you became a big brother. We are so unashamedly proud of how you have become a brilliant big brother to your new baby sister. You are such a happy little boy, always wanting to entertain and bring a smile to the faces of others.  You have a wicked sense of humour, and are so caring and loving. We cherish the hugs we share with you now as in future years we know they will become less frequent. You love sharing kisses and making Little Miss laugh, it melts our hearts melt to watch. Each night you go to bed Daddy reads you a story and Mummy always comes for kisses, cuddles and I love you’s.  We just can’t believe how quickly the last 3 years have passed. We would repeat them all in a heartbeat.  We are so proud of you, and hope you have the best 3rd Birthday.

All our love, hug and kisses

Mummy and Daddy
x x x