Friday Night = Party Night

What better way to celebrate the start of the weekend than with a party. Now little Mr had been just perfect all day so we had a super treat. He loves baths, he loves music and he loves painting so I combined all three for a party bath. I had seen something similar on Pinterest before and decided to pinch the idea. We had a great time and it was so easy to do.

I mixed up some shaving foam paint, a definite favourite in our house at the moment. Little Mr loves the extra control he has over where the paint goes and they seem to be less messy than normal poster paint.

This is Little Mr special ‘say cheese’ face. 

We had loads of fun painting the shower door, the balloons and best of all our selves. The great thing about doing this in the bath is all the mess is contained and showered away after.

Little Miss had a special sink bath tonight. I think the bath party may have been sensory overload for her just yet but can’t wait until she can join in too.


Fish Play

Inspired by our visit to the deep and Little Mr’s current obsession with the Octonauts I created a small invitation to play. It’s certainly not one of my best and was cobbled together very quickly but little Mr spent ages playing away.

I made a quick deep blue sea with blue water, a plant intended or our fish tank, some flower heads, a couple of sea creature we purchased yesterday on our visit to the deep and some glitter for extra sparkle.

I turns out today Little Mr was not a fan of the glitter so we had to refill and get rid of the sparkles. I think it was more to do with his Octonauts toys getting covered in glitter.

I also made cut out some fish and let Little Mr work his magic. He created a two beautiful pictures.