Toddler Football


Little Mr has been attending a toddler football group for a few months now. Each week we do a range of activities that literacy and numeracy as well as coordination a balance. Generally Little Mr is really enthusiastic about attending the group but after a break for Easter he really wasn’t in the mood to go. Cue a big toddler hissy fit. Bribery worked like magic and a promise to visit Grandads house after football worked a treat. Once we arrived he soon perked up. Each child is given a marker and each week it is someone else’s turn for their child to be colour phobic, luckily we had the right colour marker this week. Little Mr was chosen by the coach to demonstrate on of the activities. He had to kick the right colour skittle with either his left or right foot depending on the instruction, quite tricky fr a just turned three year old. Now Little Mr loves to use his left foot his right takes a some more thinking about. However he demonstrated it to the rest of he group REALLY quickly and did amazingly well. This was proud moment number one.

Proud moment number two came at the end of the session. Each week the group ends with all the children sitting in a circle and receiving a sticker for a particular skill they have worked on. This weeks football was extra special as my Little Mr received a certificate for his efforts. He was so pleased with himself. We tried to take a picture of him with his certificate to send to Daddy. Excuse the shaky pictures he was ever so excited.

Of course after the group we visited Grandads where he proudly showed off his certificate, but not before a cheeky stop off to buy some cakes as a treat.