A day at the coast

Its half term here and our week is pretty busy. We were lucky enough to start the week with Daddy though as he had booked a day off work. We didn’t want to waste the day so headed out to the coast. We are quite lucky where we live in that we can reach a few different coastal towns in around 1 hour.  We plumped for Filey this time though as it is one of the ones we don’t visit as much.

We arrived just before midday and headed straight to the beach. Charlie was super excited to collect some smooth pebbles as part of his half term homework, Mila and Bella were keen to join in too. We soon had a bag full of stones and shells. We walked along the beach and tentatively towards the sea. Bella wasn’t sure on this so insisted on being carried. Charlie was nearly caught out by the sea whilst drawing pictures (mostly of pokemon I think) in the sand. Gig (my husband and their Daddy) managed to get a couple of action shots of this. we chased our way up the beach following Bella who kept wondering after each dog she saw, and the beach was full of them. Mila was just happy to keep writing her name in the sand and find the nice shiny pearly looking shells.

If you have ever been to Filey before you will know it only has a small front with a few shops, and an arcade. This was our next stop. We went straight for the arcade. It turns out we have three different amusement junkies, Charlie was very much focused on one 2p machine and stuck at it to try to win a pokemon key ring, Mila was the flirtatious gambler and flitted from machine to machine whilst Bella like the actual arcade machines and rides.

After the arcades we sat outside and had fish and chips followed by an ice-cream for the children. We walked back towards the car. Mila gave up part way so need a shoulder ride from Gig which left me to push the pram up the hill, great fun when it was full of pebbles.


Fish Play

Inspired by our visit to the deep and Little Mr’s current obsession with the Octonauts I created a small invitation to play. It’s certainly not one of my best and was cobbled together very quickly but little Mr spent ages playing away.

I made a quick deep blue sea with blue water, a plant intended or our fish tank, some flower heads, a couple of sea creature we purchased yesterday on our visit to the deep and some glitter for extra sparkle.

I turns out today Little Mr was not a fan of the glitter so we had to refill and get rid of the sparkles. I think it was more to do with his Octonauts toys getting covered in glitter.

I also made cut out some fish and let Little Mr work his magic. He created a two beautiful pictures.

The Deep

I love taking both Little Mr and Little Miss out to different places. This week we went to The Deep in Hull. It’s or second time in as many months. We love visiting here as it is extremely buggy friendly and easily manageable on your own with two children. However on this visit my Dad came along too.

We arrived at around 2pm which was an ideal time really as most of the school trips were finishing up and it was quieting own a little. We headed straight for lunch first and managed to bag ourselves the best table over looking the river Humber. Little Mr loves the children’s lunch Boxes here as there seems to be a greater choice to choose from and I am happy as they are a reasonable price too. Me and my dad stuck to the lasagne, good portions and decent food.

Little Mr loved watching the fish his favourite being the sawfish. He was also fascinated by Hulls new arrival, the penguins. There is also a perfect place for preschoolers to let of a little steam towards the end of the exhibits. Little Mr loves. Unfortunately I didn’t get any pictures of him paying a I was busy feeding Little Miss.

We will definitely be heading back soon. Especially as your entrance fee includes entry for the whole year. A definite winner for us, happy kiddies = happy mummy.

Mrs H