Our Day Out

Recently I mentioned that we had visited a local petting farm/adventure park. We had such a good time I thought I would share some of the pictures I took. I love our little days out just the three of us. Of course they would be much better if Daddy was there too.
We started our day with a visit to see the animals. Little Mr particularly liked the goats. 
Where ever we go at the moment he is always keen to read the map. The great thing about this farm is that the map it very child friendly and he could easily pick out where he wanted to go next.
After the animals we headed towards the other play activities. First stop was a spot of miniature golf. Tricky for a three year old but turns out even trickier for me, Little Mr was giving me a run for my money.

One of Little Mr’s favourite parts is the tractor enclosure. He loves hooking and unhooking the trailers along with filling it with’diesel’. As it was half term there were older children to contend with and Little Mr was rather upset when a bigger child came and told him to get off his tractor that he had ever so patiently waited for. So parental involvement (or maybe the teacher in me) was needed. 

After our tractor fun we headed into the picnic enclosure. I had brought a few snacks and Little Miss’s food but purchased mine and Little Mr’s there. I wasn’t organised enough in the morning and wanted to get a move on, making a proper picnic would have just held us up. Well that’s my excuse anyway.

After our lunch we headed to the sandpit. The only picture I got was of my feet. Probably because I can’t relax while he is in there. Sand gets everywhere, it is one of my pet hates. I hate the feel of it when it is in your socks. Therefore Little Mr was swiftly change into wellies. I know I should relax about this a little more, there were plenty of children running around in it barefoot. There was even one child filling her shoes with sand!! I think I just have sandpit phobia.

Once we finally escaped the sandpit Little Miss had a nap whilst Little Mr played in the park.

He loves this big red tractor. He  always has done, I remember he once sat on it for a full 30 minutes happy as could be.

Next stop were the inflatable pillows. Little Mr had so much fun bouncing around. We are sockless here as it meant he could bounce higher apparently.

Last stop was to see a sheep ‘have his hair cut.’ Little Mr was enthral led as he loves getting his hair cut and often talks about the girl who cuts it for us when we drive past. He thought it was hilarious that a sheep was being sheared.

We had a brilliant day and headed home with two very sleepy but content children. Before leaving Little Mr added his mark to the large mural, and I visited the farm shop to stock up on a few yummy treats.

Super Busy Mum

Cannon Hall Farm

We recently visited Cannon Hall Farm. This was a new one for us and chosen because it is a half way meeting point with some friends of ours. The park opens at 10.30am, my friend arrived bang on time and said there was already a queue for tickets. We arrived about 10 minutes later and had to queue for a while just to get parked, so I would recommend arriving early. As we were visiting the farm we needed to pay for parking which was £3 but this is refunded if you spend £10 in the cafe.

As it was such a lovely day there was quite a queue to pay but Little Mr and my friends little girl had lots of fun playing. First once in the park we headed left and visited the sheep, some goats and lamas. Then we headed to a small race track to watch a sheep race. Little Mr was in his element watching the sheep run around the track. He was fascinated that they actually had jockeys too.

After the sheep racing we headed back out of the park to the lovely grassy field which over looks the beautiful Cannon Hall. As it was a glorious day there were lots of people picnicking. It was great to watch all the children charging around without a care in the world.
After our picnic we headed back into the park. There is a relatively new farm section with lots of animals to see. Little Mr loved seeing the piglets and calves. He enjoyed feeding the goats too. B the big new farm buildings there is a short wall which the children had lots of fun climbing and walking along. We managed to sit here and take in the lovely views along with a gossip.
Next we headed to the adventure park. The park is great for all ages and it split into different sections. We found the best one for us and had lots of fun.

Finally we headed for a cup of tea and ice-cream (strange combination I know). The weather was beautiful so we sat and soaked up some rays whilst the children played. A FANTASTIC day was had by all. The children thoroughly enjoyed it. We are already planning to return with Daddy.

Little Miss tired after a very busy day seeing all of the animals on the farm.

A day at the farm


We love taking Little Mr to the local farm and took him numerous times over last Spring & Summer. We usually go to the local farm which includes all the general petting farm animals, along with play equipment and the cafe too. However we are fortunate enough that my best friends new Beau works on his parents farm so when we recently visited we were lucky enough to go to the farm too.

This was very exciting for Little Mr. Our friends live in Derbyshire which is nearly a 2 hour drive from us however we hit bad traffic and roadworks which meant for one hour of our journey we only travelled 2 miles!!! Luckily both Little Mr and Little Miss were on great form. Little Mr did discover the button to unwind his window now which until then had remained a  mystery.
When we arrived at the farm it was a little different to Little Mr’s expectations. The cows were bigger, smellier and louder than perhaps he was used to. We were lucky enough to see all of the newest calves, some born only just 3 or 4 days earlier. It is amazing how they are standing and walking in hours when Little Miss at 20 weeks has only recently mastered holding her head completely.

We were visited all of the pregnant cows, one of which had just had a calf, the calf was yet to stand. If you look closely at the picture you can see the cows placenta, she decided to eat this whilst we were here. Apparently a cows pregnancy is extremely similar to that of a human.


We met the bull of the farm!!

Little Mr’s favourite part of the day was definitely visiting the tractors. He was a little perturbed that they didn’t own a green one at first (we are having a few colour selection issues at the moment). However was overjoyed when we reminded him his favourite colour is red and they had a big red one. Little Mr was overjoyed at being ables to sit in the tractors and even ‘drive’ one too.

Little Miss got in on the action too.
We had a fantastic day with friends, it was brilliant. I just wished we lived closer to visit more often. We love city life but the countryside lifestyle looks so appealing especially with a young family.