Our Easter

On Easter Sunday we headed to one of our favourite places for a family day out, Piglets Farm. It has recently just opened up for the season which is music to our ears. We love it there!

We started our Sunday with a lazy breakfast. By lazy I mean later than usual. Whilst I was busy getting Little Miss and Mr ready for the day we had a very special visitor. The Easter bunny came and decorated our garden with lots of little eggs and left two Easter buckets to collect them all up in. Little Mr was eager to find the eggs and made sure he left some for his sister to find too which was really sweet. 



They were both very lucky and reviewed lots and lots of chocolate from family and friends.

After our egg hunt and of course some chocolate testing we got ready to head to Piglets. Both Little Mr and Little Miss were excited to see some animals. Little Mr had requested to see the donkeys of all things. Little miss was rather infatuated with the smaller animals especially the chicks and the rabbits.
Our first stop on the farm was the event gazebo for the Easter Eggstravaganza. This was a hive of activity where children were decorating eggs and excitidely receiving their egg hunt prizes. We had recently decorated our own eggs at home so they were both keen to do the egg hunt and quickly sat down to listen to the instructions.
They each received a basket and had to find six different coloured eggs hidden around the park behind some large chickens. This was a great egg hunt and kept both of the children engaged and excited to find more. Plus they looked really cute with their baskets.  


One of our favourite parts of the farm is the petting shed. A particular favourite as always been the cow that can be milked. Little Miss loved the rabbits and stood watching them for ages. We are currently thinking about getting some rabbits I just need to convince the hubby a little more.



When we finished the egg hunt we explored the rest of the parks activities. First stop was the barrel rid before heading into the sandpit. We spent an age here digging, tipping and burying objects. There is also a digger come slide which Little Miss loves as did her brother when he was her age. We then headed to the bouncy pillows. I stayed with Little Miss on the smaller one whilst Mr H took Little Mron the bigger one. We even had a go too, well it would be rude not to.

In the middle of the park is a crazy golf course. So we had a round of golf here, of course Little Mr won. Little Miss completed the golf shoeless and wellie less as she had decided that she didn’t want to wear anything. Luckily it was a lovely dry day, however if it was wet I am sure she would have changed her mind. My favourite part of the day had to be the large chicken sumo suits which I just had to make Mr H try on. We ended the day by going on the tractor ride before heading home 

Our Easter Weekend

We had a very busy but very lovely Easter. Our main focus was really little Mr’s Birthday which fell on the Easter Saturday, however we still squeezed in some Easter activities and of course lots of scrummy chocolate.
An Easter Tree
I had been planning to get an Easter tree to hang decorations from but I just hadn’t got around to it as I was far to busy planning for Little Mr’s Birthday. luckily my Mum came to the rescue though and brought some twigs from her garden so we made our very own tree.
First we filled a pot with some stones to hold the branches in place. (turns out you actually need to put the stones in after the twigs, its much easier )

Little Mr got busy making some decorations for the tree.

Next we took the branches outside and sprayed them with a can of left over ‘snow’ from Christmas. It was not sure it would cover the branches very well but it did a lovely job.
A Sunday Lunch
On the Sunday we headed to my sister in laws house for lunch.

We had a lovely lunch and Little Mr played in the park opposite. He even had a cheeky bath to play with some of his new Birthday presents.
An Easter Breakfast
On Easter Monday we headed to my Mums for a superb Easter breakfast.

Easter Treats
Little Mr and Little Miss were spoilt and got lots of lovely treats from family.
An Egg Hunt
I had bought a great Kinder egg hunt set our Little’s Easter basket so took it to my Mums to have an egg hunt in her huge garden.

I’m not sure Little Miss was too impressed.

We had a lovely weekend albeit very busy though we very rarely get a weekend to ourselves anyway so we are used to it now.

Easter Baking

There is rarely a week that goes by in our house without baking some cakes. It is a favourite activity of ours.
Today we had a special helper in the kitchen. Little Mr recently reignited his passion for lightening McQueen since my cousins little boy gifted him a car.
For any messy activity in our house we ALWAYS have a bowl of soapy water and a towel on standby for sticky fingers.
I try to involve Little Mr in as much of the process as possible. Activities like this are great for numeracy skills e.g. counting and measuring. They also develop his confidence in the kitchen and knowledge and understanding of diet and food choices.
Little Mr’s favourite job by far is to count in the cubes of butter. He even likes to sneakily eat a few when he thinks I am not watching.
Little Mr is a confident counter and likes to count the bun cases out. He hasn’t yet completely mastered the art of spooning the mixture into the cases so I do that part.
Lightening and the gang overseeing procedures.
Yummy! The best part of cake making has to be licking the spoon and bowl.

Our Easter baking.
They have all already been eaten too!