February Half Term 2018


This half term we have been busy bees. I love having all of the children at home and not having to do nursery, preschool and school runs.  We started the week with a lovely road trip to the coast which you can read about here.

On the Tuesday we were going to have a lazy day at home but by 10 I was going a bit crazy. I don’t know about anyone else but I can’t just sit in with the kids I get bored and so do they. Plus we needed to go out to get a few toppings for our pancakes so we headed to Tesco and then made our way to Beningborough Hall.

We are lucky enough to have National Trust passes and try to use them as much as we can. Lots of their properties have lovely parks and walks to do.  When we arrived we wrapped up warm and collected some owl masks as they had an owl sculpture trail. The weather was pants, but like they say there is no such thing as bad weather just bad clothing!! I wasn’t sure that Charlie and Mila would be too enthused by the trail, but I was wrong they loved it, Mila wouldn’t take off her mask and kept count of how many we had found and Charlie wanted to decipher what each sculpture was made from.

We then walked to the park and Bell woke up in time to play. Charlie and Mila had talked all the way in the car about what games they were going to play at the fort. Charlie was Pokemon and Mila was Mummies and Daddies.  The park is great it has a huge wooden fort, various different types of swing, a little house and small boat. There is also an area to build dens. Usually we would spend more time den making but it was a little wet and slippery today.

After a good couple of hours play we headed home cold and tired. But not before our mammoth walk back to the car. It’s not far to be honest but took ages as Bella insisted on jumping in every single puddle “screw you Peppa Pig”. I didn’t have the heart to stop her to be honest as she was having so much fun, and we weren’t in any rush.

Once home we had hot chocolates and cream to warm up. They are becoming a bit of a cold weather tradition on our house.

On Wednesday we headed into York on the bus with some of Charlie’s school friends to visit the National Railway Museum. The bus is a big excitement in our house because in all honesty I just find it much easier to drive. The kids loved it though and Mila even said it was one of her favourite parts of the day at bedtime so I think I need to do it more.



We actually visit the NRM quite a lot as it is pretty easy and near for us but today was different because they had loads of amazing space themed activities. The museum is currently home to Tim Peakes space shuttle which according to Charlie will be in York a little while longer before moving to Manchester (I missed that part of the talk, I was too busy chatting oops!). We visited the planetarium which mesmerised all three of my children, even Bella who really doesn’t do sitting still. After this we had our picnic lunch and moved onto a fantastic stall by Technology in Play, specialise in providing activities to engage curious minds. The crazy dough activity was a big hit for us.

Next stop we headed to see the space shuttle and meet some more friends. There were lots of other space themed activities to take part in. We had a lovely day but the journey back to catch the bus home reminded me why we don’t really do buses too much. the kids were all tired and grumpy, and so was I.

On Thursday we headed to Temple Newsam which is near Leeds. I have written more about our day here.

After such a busy week we had a quiet lazy day on Friday and stayed home. I think once in a while its nice for us to have a pj day, although I did get dressed as we had lots of workmen outside our house sorting out the fibre optic broadband. I planned to get a few jobs around the house but I ended up playing Playmobil, Pokémon and Barbie along with baking cakes and biscuits.


These quiet  days are often some of my favourite, just being together.  I am going to miss the holidays roll on Easter.



A day at the coast

Its half term here and our week is pretty busy. We were lucky enough to start the week with Daddy though as he had booked a day off work. We didn’t want to waste the day so headed out to the coast. We are quite lucky where we live in that we can reach a few different coastal towns in around 1 hour.  We plumped for Filey this time though as it is one of the ones we don’t visit as much.

We arrived just before midday and headed straight to the beach. Charlie was super excited to collect some smooth pebbles as part of his half term homework, Mila and Bella were keen to join in too. We soon had a bag full of stones and shells. We walked along the beach and tentatively towards the sea. Bella wasn’t sure on this so insisted on being carried. Charlie was nearly caught out by the sea whilst drawing pictures (mostly of pokemon I think) in the sand. Gig (my husband and their Daddy) managed to get a couple of action shots of this. we chased our way up the beach following Bella who kept wondering after each dog she saw, and the beach was full of them. Mila was just happy to keep writing her name in the sand and find the nice shiny pearly looking shells.

If you have ever been to Filey before you will know it only has a small front with a few shops, and an arcade. This was our next stop. We went straight for the arcade. It turns out we have three different amusement junkies, Charlie was very much focused on one 2p machine and stuck at it to try to win a pokemon key ring, Mila was the flirtatious gambler and flitted from machine to machine whilst Bella like the actual arcade machines and rides.

After the arcades we sat outside and had fish and chips followed by an ice-cream for the children. We walked back towards the car. Mila gave up part way so need a shoulder ride from Gig which left me to push the pram up the hill, great fun when it was full of pebbles.

First Pre-School Trip

This week was momentous in such a simple and ordinary way. It was my little Mr’s first re-school trip. Now as a teacher I am very much used to the whole school trip routine, but this was very different as each child took their own adult along plus I was far more excited about it (oh and much less stressed, two children is much easier than 30).

Little Mr had been taking about his trip for weeks and was getting excited about his excursion. We woke early, got dressed and had a leisurely breakfast since Daddy was home too. I made up a little pic-nic to take to. We arrived at playgroup amid the hustle and bustle of excitement as we waited for the coach to arrive. I must admit this did make me miss being at work a little. Now it turns out a pre-school trip involves a whole lot of equipment compared to a school one. We had a flurry of car seats, buggy’s, toddler bags, mummy bags oh and picnic to descend onto the bus.  Once on we made our way to Tropical world and Roundhay Park. First stop was the play park whilst we waited for our time slot at Tropical world. It was a fab park filled with lots of interesting and exciting equipment but most of the boys were happier running about on the hill with sticks. Boys will be boys hey!

We had a great day, below are some pictures of Little Mr.

Once we escaped the gift shop we headed to the gardens for our pic-nic. After our lovely food Little Mr had an accident, he was happily running around when he stumbled over his own feet. He fell without even putting his hands in front of him an so his head took the full force of his fall leaving him with a cut on is forehead. Now at the time it looked horrendous, especially with all of the blood. So panic followed, along with lots of cuddles, kisses oh and a stolen Calipo to use as an ice pack. Luckily the staff were fab and helped Little Mr out, plus they let me off for pinching the ice lolly. I felt terrible for what had happened and really blamed myself. I wanted to get him checked as it was quite a cut so I wanted to be sure he didn’t need it gluing together. So we headed back towards the coach picking up an ice-cream along the way. He is all well now and it certainly didn’t put him off, he was asking to return.

Our Visit to Alton Towers – Cbeebies Land

You may have read that recently we were lucky enough to recieve a Merlin Annual Family pass. Well last week we made the 2 hour drive to Alton Towers. Well it actually took us three and a half due to an accident but that is besides the point. We had one very excited Little Mr when we arrived. We parked up and headed to the monorail, we could have walked 20 minutes to the entrance but saved our legs.

Once in the park we had our very own map reader who directed us to our first stop, Cbeebies Land. 

He was far too excited to pose here, and so were we really. We followed Little Mr into the park and he immediately spotted the Postman Pat ride. Now anyone who knows Little Mr knows he LOVES Pat. He has a play set at my Mums which he just adores. We headed to the queue and saw it said 60 minutes!!  Not great with little ones, but we queued anyway and found it actually took much less, it was around 30 minutes in the end.  It passed really quickly as there was lots to point out to Little Mr and some great games to play whilst queuing.


Little Mr had great fun  driving us around and delivering parcels along the way. We loved seeing his face light up each time he was greeted by another of his favourite characters along the track.
Next stop were the toilets. There were plenty of them so we didn’t have to queue,which I was a little worried about as when a toddler needs to go, they need to go quick.
Then we headed to the In The Night Garden Magical Boat Ride which was very popular. The queue was stated as 60 minutes but again was less (around 40). There were plenty of games to play along the way plus I took some snacks to help pass the time, but was perhaps just that bit too long to wait with restless toddlers. *since our visit the queueing system for the ride has changed to a ticket system where you are allocated a time slot.*

We got to meet all of the characters along the way.

Central to Cbeebies Land is the Big Fun Show Time Arena. This is a great place to sit and have a picnic. It is also where the shows are. We caught the back end of Nina and the Nuerons, a science experiment show.  

You can also meet the characters too. When we went upto the tent it was Iggle Piggle, we didn’t have to queue as there was only one person in front of us. The main plus for this opportunity was there was no extra cost to take a picture. You just take your own which is great.

Next up was Mr Tumbles sensory garden. The garden actively encourages children to use their 5 senses to explore.  There were lots of plants which were great to smell and even Little Miss got in on the action.
As we wandered around the park we bumped into Pats van along with Jess. They were more than happy to pose with Little Mr for pictures.

We then headed to the Cbeebies Bugs ‘Get Set Go’ Tree top adventure. Little Mr loved this as you get a great view of Cbeebies Land.  We (well Mummy and Daddy) fancied a break from Cbeebies Land after a while so took a walk across the park towards Cloud Cuckoo Land.

Little Mr had great fun on the round about with his Daddy.

There was also the most amazing inflatable soft play that Little Mr had ever been on. They measure your child as they enter to determine whether they are suitable for the Little or Big Wobble. The Big Wobble really is huge and Little Mr was over the moon that he was tall enough to bounce around on it. Little Miss stuck to the Little Wobble with her Daddy whilst I watched Little Mr through the various viewing windows of the Larger inflatable.

Once we got back to the car Little Mr was fast asleep before we had even managed to get out of the carpark.
If you are planning a visit here are some of our top tips.
– Leave Plenty of time for your jouney there.
– Take £6 in change for the carpark
– In our case queue times were always shorted than stated.
-Take a picnic
-Take snacks for the queues.
– If you have an umberella style pushchair use that as you can get onto the monorail much more quickly. Our pushchair was too big so we had to wait for the larger carriage.
We had a great day visiting Alton Towers and Cbeebies Land. We cant wait to return.



Cannon Hall Farm

We recently visited Cannon Hall Farm. This was a new one for us and chosen because it is a half way meeting point with some friends of ours. The park opens at 10.30am, my friend arrived bang on time and said there was already a queue for tickets. We arrived about 10 minutes later and had to queue for a while just to get parked, so I would recommend arriving early. As we were visiting the farm we needed to pay for parking which was £3 but this is refunded if you spend £10 in the cafe.

As it was such a lovely day there was quite a queue to pay but Little Mr and my friends little girl had lots of fun playing. First once in the park we headed left and visited the sheep, some goats and lamas. Then we headed to a small race track to watch a sheep race. Little Mr was in his element watching the sheep run around the track. He was fascinated that they actually had jockeys too.

After the sheep racing we headed back out of the park to the lovely grassy field which over looks the beautiful Cannon Hall. As it was a glorious day there were lots of people picnicking. It was great to watch all the children charging around without a care in the world.
After our picnic we headed back into the park. There is a relatively new farm section with lots of animals to see. Little Mr loved seeing the piglets and calves. He enjoyed feeding the goats too. B the big new farm buildings there is a short wall which the children had lots of fun climbing and walking along. We managed to sit here and take in the lovely views along with a gossip.
Next we headed to the adventure park. The park is great for all ages and it split into different sections. We found the best one for us and had lots of fun.

Finally we headed for a cup of tea and ice-cream (strange combination I know). The weather was beautiful so we sat and soaked up some rays whilst the children played. A FANTASTIC day was had by all. The children thoroughly enjoyed it. We are already planning to return with Daddy.

Little Miss tired after a very busy day seeing all of the animals on the farm.

The Deep

I love taking both Little Mr and Little Miss out to different places. This week we went to The Deep in Hull. It’s or second time in as many months. We love visiting here as it is extremely buggy friendly and easily manageable on your own with two children. However on this visit my Dad came along too.

We arrived at around 2pm which was an ideal time really as most of the school trips were finishing up and it was quieting own a little. We headed straight for lunch first and managed to bag ourselves the best table over looking the river Humber. Little Mr loves the children’s lunch Boxes here as there seems to be a greater choice to choose from and I am happy as they are a reasonable price too. Me and my dad stuck to the lasagne, good portions and decent food.

Little Mr loved watching the fish his favourite being the sawfish. He was also fascinated by Hulls new arrival, the penguins. There is also a perfect place for preschoolers to let of a little steam towards the end of the exhibits. Little Mr loves. Unfortunately I didn’t get any pictures of him paying a I was busy feeding Little Miss.

We will definitely be heading back soon. Especially as your entrance fee includes entry for the whole year. A definite winner for us, happy kiddies = happy mummy.

Mrs H