A rainy afternoon

After a busy morning at football club and then a visit to the shops we headed home as the weather was miserable. Now any one who knows Little Mr knows that he is obsessed with planes at the moment. He was a little adamant following the shops the he ‘needed’ an airport for his planes. But  with Christmas on the Horizon and Little Miss’ first Birthday around the corner there was no way I was going to buy him more toys so I suggested we make our own. 

Little Mr loves to get creative so we started by turning a cereal box inside out (much easier than painting the glossier side)and painting it black. I had seen a post on Pinterest many weeks ago where they had used fairy lights along a runway strip. I bought a few packs of battery lights last Christmas for a pound a pack and they were just perfect for the job.

I added the runway albeit very quickly as I had a grumpy baby and a toddler eager to play planes. I quickly pierced 8 holes and inserted the lights. I added a little tape to the back of each one to keep them in place. And voila our cereal box was ready to play with. 

This was such a quick activity and Little Mr thought it was great.  I am planning on using our cereal boxes in some more creative ways over the coming weeks.

Have you made anything with a cereal box?


Personalised Wedding Gift

Now I am a little old fashioned when it comes to weddings and gifts, I much prefer to give a gift than a voucher or money and I am not really a fan of being told what to buy through a gift list either. So for our most recent wedding I made up a simple hamper with some hand crafted labels. One of my favourite purchases for my craft stash was a letter stamp set. I have used it countless times and love the effect it creates.
I chose luggage labels to stamp on for this gift to give a shabby chic, vintage feel. We were a little limited on budget as along with travel, outfits, hotel plus two more weddings and the fact we are now living on one wage, but I think we managed to pull off a presentable and thoughtful gift.
I chose a smallish basket, it was smaller than I needed but that stopped me buying more to fill it with. As soon as I saw the date block I knew I had to have it as I liked the idea of setting the date to their wedding day. I also packed the hamper with old fashioned sweets, a candle, prosecco (switched at the last minute as the bride doesn’t drink wine), a photo frame, plus crafty things for their children.

As the bride and groom already have 3 children I wanted to give them something that they could all have a part of hence the crafty things and sweets.

Ideally I would have wrapped this with cellophane however there was a severe shortage the day I went shopping and so tissue paper it was. I finished with ribbon and a Just married slate heart. I personalised this with there wedding date and wrote a message on the back too.
Now I have to think of something creative for the next wedding?!

Spring is on its way!!

Recently we had some visitors for a play date. One of my oldest friends from university and her little girl. It’s not often we get to meet up as we live over 70 miles apart but it is always lovely when we do. It’s great to see our children play together – very different to our party hard university days.


As it is officially spring I thought I would used springtime as the theme for the days activity table.  


Little Mr has a cute yellow suitcase that was perfect for making a spring treasure chest. It actually belongs to Little Miss as we received an outfit in it when she was born. The case is just as great as the outfit and I have used it for many many things.
I made the case up the evening before. Filled it with shredded green paper, fluffy chicks, soft multi coloured balls and some plastic eggs which ad hidden surprises inside. I bought some daffodils too to add a delicious springy smell.


Little Mr picked out these two teddys before bed to add to the spring time theme (with a little help as we may have ad Buzz and Woody from Toy Story).


I also laid out a sticking activity using some Easter from stickers. Little Mr loves stickers at the moment but still needs a little help with these as the back are tricky to get off. So not a great independent activity.

After a morning full of fun and play we had set of lunch and then headed to the park.  It had been. A lovely day when we set off but started to throw it down so we took shelter in the local shop. A great idea with two hyped up children (NOT, see photo evidence, ha) but still better than getting soaked. It was a great day  and lovely to catch up with old friend especially when they have very exciting news to share 😉 I haven’t got many pictures of the actual day, I am always too busy enjoying the moment I forget half of the time.

Here Little Miss as with all the excitement with the older two she missed out on her usual activities and play. We had lots of cuddles to catch up later though which was great.