Pampers Active Fit Nappy Challenge #BritainsDriestNappy

It seems for the last 3 and a bit years all I have done is change nappies. For the duration of this time we have mainly used Pampers Baby Dry, however Little Miss is much more of a wriggler than Little Mr ever was and a heavier wetter, so when I was offered the chance to take the Pampers, Britains driest nappy challenge I jumped.

Now Pampers Active Fit nappies claim to have “an extra absorbent layer that quickly draws wetness away and locks it in so that they stay up to 2. Times drier than other leading nappies.”

So the teacher in me was keen to investigate further and see if Pampers Active Fit really do keep the wetness locked in and thus leaving my Little Miss with a lovely dry bottom.

To do this I slowly poured 150ml of water on to the nappy. I then waited 90 seconds for the nappy to absorb the water (feel free to fast forward this part of the video)

I was really surprised how dry the kitchen roll was there was barely any water on it. Great news for keeping your baby super dry.

As mentioned we usually use Pampers Baby Dry and have never had a problem but I will definitely be giving Pampers Active Fit a try in the future.

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**Please note that I was given a pack of Pampers Active Fit nappies for the purpose of this challenge but all views and opinions are 100% my own.**


Spring Paintings

Yippee spring is in the air and the house and garden are full of flowers. What better inspiration for some spring panting. Little Mr loves painting and being outside so we decided to add our own dash of spring colour to the garden.


We used foam paint which is a firm favourite in our house.

                               Little Mr aged 2

This is what we ended up with. Note Little Mr’s favourite colour this week is red, hence the red leaves too.

Little Miss is a little too young for outside painting as yet but still wanted to get in on the action. We decided to use Centre Parcs creative director Emma’s top tip of finger painting. 



However it turns out finger/hand printing is a little tricky with a baby who loves to clench her fists and a toddler intent on painting everything in sight red. we swiftly decided to move onto feet.

                               Little Miss 4months
We had great time!

Oh and this is what happens to your patio doors if you turn your back for a second.
“Look at my lovely window flower painting Mummy”

This is my entry to Centre Parcs and Tots100 March challenge. If I am chosen I would like to visit Sherwood Forest.