Staying at Alton Towers Hotel

We recently had an amazing stay at the Alton Towers Hotel and Resort. We have been talking about going since we received our Annual Merlin Passes last year, so we’re pleased to have finally got around to it. We booked two nights bed and breakfast at the Alton Towers hotel. We headed down once Mr H had finished work, we had only told the children we were going just before setting off. I arranged a little egg hunt to reveal where we were going so it was all very exciting.

When we arrived we were greeted and thrown straight away into the hustle and bustle of the hotel. We could here and see from above a magic show. Little Mr was thrilled to be able to stand alongside Daddy at reception on the special suitcase steps. We were given a scroll and both children received a compass and had to navigate our way to our room. Little Mr was in his element as he has always loved using a map on our trips out. We located our room and were not let down, it did however take us a few minutes to locate the lights as there were so many switches for lots of things, but hey that is what being an explorer is all about. Little Mr was once again overjoyed with himself. He loved the beds, wasamazed by  the gadgets, the huge teddy and the fact he woul be able to see a television from where he was sleeping.

We had already stopped for dinner during our journey down to the hotel so decided to head out to explore and have a drink to start our  break in style. The main focal point of our hotel was a large pirate ship that had crash landed there. This was a magnet for children and they loved to explore it. It was also where the entertainment was held. Whilst we were there we were entertained by a trio of singers who in the words of Little Mr were “beautiful”. 
The Alton Towers Hotel is joined to is sister hotel Splash Landings by a walkway which can be freely accessed until 11pm. We decide to have a wander along the walkway and once we entered the realms of the Splash Landings Hotel we were immediately hit with the heat from the poolside area. It was lovely and really made it feel like you were abroad. From the walkway you get a great view of the water park and we were very excited to try out the facilities.
The bar area in Splash Landings seemed more child friendly than that of the Alton Towers Hotel. There were some great areas for the children to explore such as a duplo mountain, colouring station and a sea life viewing tank. This made trying to enjoy a drink more achievable. There was also a disco along with a stage which was great for my shy and retiring children (not) to enjoy busting their moves. We didn’t stay too long as the children were tired and we wanted to get a good nights sleep so we were ready to have an action packed day in the morning. We headed back to the room and all ended up in our bed. I have to say though the duvet was one of the snuggliest ever, it was amazing.
We rose early and headed to breakfast in the Secret Garden restaurant for 8am. We filled up on a mix of full English and continental. Little Miss loved her endless supply of watermelon, a current favourite and Little Mr devoured far too many mini sausages along with a chocolate muffin. After breakfast we took the short 5 minute walk to the monorail. It was so strange not having to queue. We got to the park just after 9am so we could make the most of our early entry. Our first stop was of course Cbeebies land.
We decided to head to the new Octonauts roller coaster first as we anticipated there would be queues later. Unfortunately it had to close just as Mr H and Little Mr were about to climb on, however the staff kindly told them they could queue jump when they returned later. So we headed to postman Pat and then onto the In the Night a Garden boat Ride.

I must admit that getting into the park early really seemed to make a difference since when we visited Cbeebies land previously we had to queue quite a while for each ride where as today we could walk more or less straight onto each ride. After In the Night Garden, we headed to the Numtums Number Round. This was Little Misses favourite by far. She really didn’t want to get off and made that fact very known to anyone in earshot when the ride finished.

Next stop, we called back at the Octonauts new roller coaster. Mr H took Little Mr straight to the front and they got there pick of the cars. Of course Little Mr chose Gup A, which won’t mean anything to you unless you know you Octonauts. This was Little Mr’s first proper roller coaster and he was very brave although he really didn’t look like he enjoyed it that much he was initially pleased to have gone on but has since said he doesn’t EVER want to do it again. We have probably scarred him for life. Mr H couldn’t resist purchasing the on ride photo to remember the occasion.  We purchased a photo multipack which included 4 ride photos for £25 which saved us money when each photo costs £10 individually.

Between rides we headed to the showtime ring. Here we found the Zingzillas had just taken centre stage. We became that horrendous ‘participation’ family joining in with all the moves but still the children seemed to like it. We also got to meet Iggle Piggle. Can you believe that this is the third time!!  How times have changed. We did joke that we will end up all wearing matching ponchos soon, but that is a step too far for us just yet.
By 11 we had been on all of Cbeebies Lands attractions. In comparison to our wait times on our first visit this made our early entry times invaluable. It really made a difference especially with young children. We are lucky to get early entry with our Merlin passes but all hotel guests are also entitled to it too. It is well worth it.
We explored the rest of the park including Cloud Cuckoo Land, where we enjoyed the carousel and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. We also took the sky ride across the park which was a lovely rest for tired legs. Plus we got to take in the the beautiful grounds. On the other side of the park Little Mr was very brave and went on the River Rapids. He loved them and didn’t get too wet either. I can’t wait until Little Miss is old enough too so we can all go on them together. I remember going on them with my family and have some fond memories.
We then headed back to the hotel about 1pm and got ready to explore the Splash Landings Water Park. We purchased passes when we booked our room which gave us a full day in the water park. I am usually a little worried about my youngest getting cold after 30 minutes or so but here the air temperature was lovely and warm. There were two pools we could access one which was perfect for under 5s. There were two slides which Little Mr and Little Miss loved, I wish I could have taken some pictures of them going down them. There was also a huge climbing frame full of tipping buckets, pipes, squirters plus much more that was perfect to explore. The pool area was lovely and clean and the life guards were hot on moving away towel that were saving seats which meant genre was always somewhere to sit when you needed to which was great. We got a couple of ice creams which melted really really quickly all over the children, they loved them. Though they were quite expensive which is to be expected I suppose.
After swimming we headed back to our room to get ready for the evening entertainment. The kids loved using their own bubble bath too which was a great touch. We had booked our evening meal at Flambos in the Splash Landings hotel which was a buffet style restaurant. We weren’t expecting much to be honest but we were pleasantly surprised with the quality of food. There was enough choice, it was all hot and great for the children.
Just before bed we called into the shop to get Little Mr a special sweet filled pirate sword when I spotted a Zoltar. If any one has seen Big, is there anyone who hasn’t, then you will know what one is. I couldn’t resist and got a fortune card. Mr H seems to think it’s spot on. 


Our Visit to Alton Towers – Cbeebies Land

You may have read that recently we were lucky enough to recieve a Merlin Annual Family pass. Well last week we made the 2 hour drive to Alton Towers. Well it actually took us three and a half due to an accident but that is besides the point. We had one very excited Little Mr when we arrived. We parked up and headed to the monorail, we could have walked 20 minutes to the entrance but saved our legs.

Once in the park we had our very own map reader who directed us to our first stop, Cbeebies Land. 

He was far too excited to pose here, and so were we really. We followed Little Mr into the park and he immediately spotted the Postman Pat ride. Now anyone who knows Little Mr knows he LOVES Pat. He has a play set at my Mums which he just adores. We headed to the queue and saw it said 60 minutes!!  Not great with little ones, but we queued anyway and found it actually took much less, it was around 30 minutes in the end.  It passed really quickly as there was lots to point out to Little Mr and some great games to play whilst queuing.


Little Mr had great fun  driving us around and delivering parcels along the way. We loved seeing his face light up each time he was greeted by another of his favourite characters along the track.
Next stop were the toilets. There were plenty of them so we didn’t have to queue,which I was a little worried about as when a toddler needs to go, they need to go quick.
Then we headed to the In The Night Garden Magical Boat Ride which was very popular. The queue was stated as 60 minutes but again was less (around 40). There were plenty of games to play along the way plus I took some snacks to help pass the time, but was perhaps just that bit too long to wait with restless toddlers. *since our visit the queueing system for the ride has changed to a ticket system where you are allocated a time slot.*

We got to meet all of the characters along the way.

Central to Cbeebies Land is the Big Fun Show Time Arena. This is a great place to sit and have a picnic. It is also where the shows are. We caught the back end of Nina and the Nuerons, a science experiment show.  

You can also meet the characters too. When we went upto the tent it was Iggle Piggle, we didn’t have to queue as there was only one person in front of us. The main plus for this opportunity was there was no extra cost to take a picture. You just take your own which is great.

Next up was Mr Tumbles sensory garden. The garden actively encourages children to use their 5 senses to explore.  There were lots of plants which were great to smell and even Little Miss got in on the action.
As we wandered around the park we bumped into Pats van along with Jess. They were more than happy to pose with Little Mr for pictures.

We then headed to the Cbeebies Bugs ‘Get Set Go’ Tree top adventure. Little Mr loved this as you get a great view of Cbeebies Land.  We (well Mummy and Daddy) fancied a break from Cbeebies Land after a while so took a walk across the park towards Cloud Cuckoo Land.

Little Mr had great fun on the round about with his Daddy.

There was also the most amazing inflatable soft play that Little Mr had ever been on. They measure your child as they enter to determine whether they are suitable for the Little or Big Wobble. The Big Wobble really is huge and Little Mr was over the moon that he was tall enough to bounce around on it. Little Miss stuck to the Little Wobble with her Daddy whilst I watched Little Mr through the various viewing windows of the Larger inflatable.

Once we got back to the car Little Mr was fast asleep before we had even managed to get out of the carpark.
If you are planning a visit here are some of our top tips.
– Leave Plenty of time for your jouney there.
– Take £6 in change for the carpark
– In our case queue times were always shorted than stated.
-Take a picnic
-Take snacks for the queues.
– If you have an umberella style pushchair use that as you can get onto the monorail much more quickly. Our pushchair was too big so we had to wait for the larger carriage.
We had a great day visiting Alton Towers and Cbeebies Land. We cant wait to return.