Easter Baking

There is rarely a week that goes by in our house without baking some cakes. It is a favourite activity of ours.
Today we had a special helper in the kitchen. Little Mr recently reignited his passion for lightening McQueen since my cousins little boy gifted him a car.
For any messy activity in our house we ALWAYS have a bowl of soapy water and a towel on standby for sticky fingers.
I try to involve Little Mr in as much of the process as possible. Activities like this are great for numeracy skills e.g. counting and measuring. They also develop his confidence in the kitchen and knowledge and understanding of diet and food choices.
Little Mr’s favourite job by far is to count in the cubes of butter. He even likes to sneakily eat a few when he thinks I am not watching.
Little Mr is a confident counter and likes to count the bun cases out. He hasn’t yet completely mastered the art of spooning the mixture into the cases so I do that part.
Lightening and the gang overseeing procedures.
Yummy! The best part of cake making has to be licking the spoon and bowl.

Our Easter baking.
They have all already been eaten too!