Yikes, what do you do when you finish the Sopranos box set?

Now in our house during pregnancy and the early days of baby hood we have had a staple box set to see us through the many nights of broken sleep. With Little Mr we settled with the Friends box set. It was something easy to watch that we could dip in and out of and it didn’t really matter if we fell asleep before he end as we had seen them all any how.

It was a different story with Little Miss. Perhaps because we were already accustomed to the customary sleep depravation that comes with children we decided to go for some thing more meaty. We settled on the Sopranos. It had been patiently been waiting to be watched for a few months but we just hadn’t got around to it. Now felt like the ideal time. Now Mr H was immediately taken butI must admit it took me longer, however after watching a few back to back I was filmy hooked.
I would seriously recommend it as a pregnancy/maternity leave box set. It it about an Italian American mob. Tony Soprano being the head of the mob. Inevitably it contains some violence but throughout the season the characters are developed exceptionally. I really felt like I knew them and surprisingly sympathetic towards them even when they may have committed something horrific. 
Our only problem now is we are in limbo. What do we watch now?! We need another box set. 
Mr H on the other hand found a gem of a book.

Full of lots of hearty Italian meals, Mr H had a tough time trying to decide what to cook first. He finally settled on a baked ziti which included  the staple ‘gravy’ (not like your normal gravy) which features in lots of the recipes. It was lovely and went down very well with little Mr too. The book seems full of pretty  good staple family meals. Hopefully the will stave off Mr H’s pining for the series.