Little Mr Turns 4

I can’t quite believe it but this week Little Mr turned 4. How can that be?
Some how this Birthday made myself and his Dad more reflective. Perhaps its because its because 4 means he will start school or the fact that at 3 he was still our baby. To us 4 just seemed so much older. the age at which he really was a little boy and no longer a toddler or preschooler.

I have been planning Little Mr’s Birthday for months, well years really. It was his first proper party as we have previously held smaller tea parties at home. This year however he had asked to celebrate with a party, especially as he has been to many of his friend too. I knew straight away that we wouldn’t be having his party at home as the prospect of 20 plus children plus parents was too much so settled on a local village hall. Since the day Little Mr arrived I have been planning out (in my head at least) what his parties would be like and I am so pleased with how his Birthday went. It was just how I had imagined.

We had Little Mr’s party the day before his actual Birthday. Lots of his friend came and he had a marvellous time.

It was fair to say following the party we were pooped. We came back to the house with family and had a well deserved cup of tea and slice of cake. Little Mr had been very spoilt by all of his friends and received an overwhelming amount of presents.   Once the children were settled for the night we finished we marked the occasion with a bottle of Champagne and reflected on the last four years. On how Little Mr entered the world, our first thoughts bringing him home, how we were using garden chairs as indoor furniture!! We wouldn’t change where we are now but it would be lovely to steal one more snuggle with our new born little boy.
Before bed I snook in to Little Mr’s room for extra cuddles on his last night as a three year old, one last kiss and of course a photo.
Little Mr woke early on his Birthday, 5.30am to be precise. We even had to wake Little Miss which is a rarity. We spent a few hours opening presents and playing with new toys before heading to the coast. we visited the amusements, walked the beach, had fish and chips and ice cream. During our trip Little Mr said that it had been his wish when he blew out his candles that we come to the seaside for the day which was sweet.


Uncle T’s Birthday

My brother recently turned 26 and as has become a tradition in recent years we always go out for a family meal. This year we went to the pub around the corner from us. It is a lovely pub with good food. It also happens to be the same place we went to eat for his birthday 3 years ago when Little Mr had just been born. I hazily remember it as he was only one week old at the time, just a tiny bundle.

Here is Little Mr one week old, during his first meal out. It also happened to be my first time to feed him whilst out and about. hence the muslin draped all over him. now I don’t really bother with that for Little Miss only when I feed her with people around who are maybe a tad ‘old fashioned’ in their views.
And then this is now. One more bambino on the scene and our little sweet pea is a boisterous toddler. I did not get a picture of myself with the two Little’s as I was feeling really poorly so my Mum got in on the action.
Note: No babies were hurt during this photo taking even though it looks like Little Mr is strangling Little Miss.

Easy Peasy Gift Bags

First you need to get all of your supplies together and decide what you would like to put in your bags.

Find a nice basket/case/container to display your bags. I added some shredded paper that I had lying around as I wanted to be sable to see the bags and this basket is quite deep.

You will need some colorful stripey paper bags.

Then you need to fill your bags. I settled on bubbles, smarties and sparkles for my bags as they were quite small.

Before tying up the bags with ribbon you need to make labels. I had planned on using luggage labels but didn’t have enough left in my stash, so instead I cut some rectangles of paper in a contrasting colour. One of my favourite crafty purchases is my letter stamping set. I love the effect created. I stamped the labels and the ever so technically used a pencil to punch a whole in the label.

Finally fold the bag closed and puncture another whole. Thread with some ribbon and tie. Simple yet effective party bags.

A Third Birthday

Recently we celebrated our Little Mr’s 3rd Birthday.

We had a lovely day. This is the first Birthday where he has really known what is happening. It was great seeing him get really excited in the run up to it. He has been talking about it for weeks. I have been collecting bits for weeks and hiding them away but when it cam to wrapping them all it turned out that I had doubled up on some presents and forgotten I had already bought them.

One of my favourite Birthday moments is always laying out the presents the night before. I love the anticipation and the excitement that comes with his approval (hopefully) and enjoyment of the presents.

One of Little Mr’s favourites at the moment is Fireman Sam so when we saw a fab pop up fire engine we knew we just had to get it. We also bought him a battery operated police bike which he loves. We were a little worried it would be too small but he adores it and it was a bargain to boot.

Something that was done in both of our families when we were children was to buy sibling a present too. We both remember this fondly so have decided to continue this with our children.
Each year I like to make Little Mr his Birthday cake. He had requested a fireman Sam one this year. Usually I search Pinterest for ideas and pick one I like and copy it as best I can but this year I decided to go with the flow. When I baked the cakes I was going to create a fire engine but quickly decided I wanted the number three so this cake somehow evolved at the end of a 4+ hour stint in the kitchen.
Last year we didn’t really have a party for Little Mr as we had recently found out we were expecting Little Miss and I was feeling really rotten. This year however Little Mr had requested on. We invited mainly family and close friends, he had a ball though.


Little Mr was exhausted by the end of the day and so the four of us snuggled down on the sofa. However when Toy Story came on the TV he soon woke up. So we ended the day watching his favourite film with lots of sleepy cuddles. Perfect!

Now you are 3

Dear Little Mr,
Wow! How can it be that you are turning 3. It seems like only yesterday we were gazing into your newborn eyes as you clasped you tight fists around our fingers. How has so much time passed since we posed for photos before finally bringing you home from the hospital. are you really the same baby we stared in wonderment at when we arrived home thinking “now what”. It is hard to believe you were ever that small. We have loved watching you grow and develop over the past 3 years. You have had a lot of changes during the last year many are bittersweet for us. You grew so much taller, you talk in huge sentences, you started playgroup, you moved into a big bed, you learned how to use big boy pants and you became a big brother. We are so unashamedly proud of how you have become a brilliant big brother to your new baby sister. You are such a happy little boy, always wanting to entertain and bring a smile to the faces of others.  You have a wicked sense of humour, and are so caring and loving. We cherish the hugs we share with you now as in future years we know they will become less frequent. You love sharing kisses and making Little Miss laugh, it melts our hearts melt to watch. Each night you go to bed Daddy reads you a story and Mummy always comes for kisses, cuddles and I love you’s.  We just can’t believe how quickly the last 3 years have passed. We would repeat them all in a heartbeat.  We are so proud of you, and hope you have the best 3rd Birthday.

All our love, hug and kisses

Mummy and Daddy
x x x