Baby Led or Purée Weaning?

Baby Led or Purée weaning is a question I have been contemplating a lot recently. Little Miss is ready for weaning now, how I am not quite sure. This mile stone seems to have crept around ever so quickly.  Another step towards more independence is yet another bittersweet moment.

Everyone has their own ways and reasons behind how they choose to wean their babies. For Little Miss we are going to do a mix of the two I think, (we will see how it goes). With our son we were very much baby led as it completely suited us and him. He used to eat EVERYTHING now not so much but according to my sources it all a ‘phase’.

So anyway today was THE day for Little Miss’s first taste. I opted for carrot first because I used the same first food with Little Mr too.  I steamed a few carrots and then blitzed them with my blending stick thingy and mixed in with some of her milk. As well as offering the purée I also gave her two carrot sticks (steamed to floppy perfection) too to pick up and self feed the ‘baby led’ way if you like. Today the carrot sticks we more popular than the purée.

Yummy we like carrot, plus it is great fun!

Err maybe not so sure just yet.
I offered a couple of spoons of the purée too but most found it’s way back out again. However cooled boiled water from a sippy cup was the big hit of the day. 
How did you wean your babies? What were your babies favourite foods? 
Please comment any links to weaning blog posts you may have, I would love to have a read.