Fun on the farm

Over the Easter weekend we headed to a local petting farm called Piglets. It was our one proper family day out where Gig could join us too. We arrived for opening time and were actually some  of the first into the park. We wanted an early start as it was forecast to rain later in the day so we wanted to do all of the outside parts first. IMG_5013IMG_5014

First we headed to the egg hunt tent where we collected our baskets and quiz sheets. Charlie was super excited to get hunting and was keen to get to the nests first. Each egg was labelled with a letter that spelt out a word and Mila enjoyed reading them. Next stop we headed to the animals as it was feeding time .IMG_5019IMG_5024We arrived just in time to see the baby lambs being fed. Bella is a huge fan of animals and is by far the animal lover amongst my children. As such she was the only one who wanted to feed the lambs as Charlie and Mila were just happy to watch. After the animals we headed back to the egg hunt tent to collect their chocolate treats then headed to play crazy golf.


After  the craziness of golf we headed to the barrel ride. It’s fair to say you need danger money to be around a two year old in charge of her own golf club.


By now the children were hungry so we took the tractor up to the play barn. The kids had a fab time rolling around in the hay and corn whilst we waited for lunch. It was quiet expensive to eat out especially for five of us but we made an exception today as the serve super delicious pizzas straight from the pizza oven. Because of the weather we spent more time than usual here before heading to show the children the brand new baby lambs and catching the tractor back.  We then headed to the  marquee which was showing the Magic Hatter magician. The children love his shows and we have seen him a few times at piglets over the years. The set up was much better this year as we had space to move and sit comfortably rather than being squeezed into a tiny teepee.IMG_5107

Mila love the magic show and was in stitches throughout, Charlie was less keen before the show but we soon caught him giggling away.  Bella enjoyed it too clapping and laughing too but at completely  random points, haha. After the show Mila was keen to go and high five the magician because he why not she also bought one of his wands home, so  she has been practicing her best tricks. The heavens then opened so we wrapped up and soldiered on. Mila was keen to do the fairy trail so I took her whilst Gig took Charlie and Bella to the play parks. We started the fairy trail but had to give up part way as the path was flooded just a bit too much even for our wellies.


We then thought it was time for home so headed back to the car with three tired children. They had a fab day that we finished off with hot chocolate and marshmallows. IMG_5118