Snow Day

Today was a day full of excitement in our house, school was out and it was officially a snow day. I remember the last time we had anywhere near as much snow Charlie was only a baby and we pulled him around in his sledge. We actually had a sprinkling of snow in January and we could just about sledge on the hills nearby but todays snow was so much better. After finding out we didn’t need to make the journey into school or playgroup we got wrapped up and headed into our back garden. Honestly I was pleased as our road was treacherous, cars were spinning and I would have needed to drive to two separate villages to do my drop offs so it made my morning so much easier.


Bella was super excited to get out and it was great to show the kids proper snow for the first time. We had snowball fights, sledge rides and built a snowman. Unfortunately my snowman making skills are not quite what they used to be. I thought it was a simple case of making a snowball and rolling it until it grew bigger. My technique didn’t work though, I think our snow was the wrong type, ha ha! Instead we resorted to filling the sledge and pulling it to dump in one pile.

We then headed inside for hot chocolate, with cream and marshmallows along with a film. It was nice to warm up after getting so cold. We then spent the day crafting and playing games. In the afternoon we headed out again. I set Charlie on the car as he was desperate to clear off the snow whilst I pulled Bella around on the sledge.

For all of the inconvenience caused by the white stuffs arrival, I must say these are some of my favourite days with the children. The excitement on their faces was fab. We did have tears too when fingers got too cold and trousers too wet but that is part of the snow experience.

Do you like to get out and explore when it snows or are you more of a snuggle under the blankets kind?




February Half Term 2018


This half term we have been busy bees. I love having all of the children at home and not having to do nursery, preschool and school runs.  We started the week with a lovely road trip to the coast which you can read about here.

On the Tuesday we were going to have a lazy day at home but by 10 I was going a bit crazy. I don’t know about anyone else but I can’t just sit in with the kids I get bored and so do they. Plus we needed to go out to get a few toppings for our pancakes so we headed to Tesco and then made our way to Beningborough Hall.

We are lucky enough to have National Trust passes and try to use them as much as we can. Lots of their properties have lovely parks and walks to do.  When we arrived we wrapped up warm and collected some owl masks as they had an owl sculpture trail. The weather was pants, but like they say there is no such thing as bad weather just bad clothing!! I wasn’t sure that Charlie and Mila would be too enthused by the trail, but I was wrong they loved it, Mila wouldn’t take off her mask and kept count of how many we had found and Charlie wanted to decipher what each sculpture was made from.

We then walked to the park and Bell woke up in time to play. Charlie and Mila had talked all the way in the car about what games they were going to play at the fort. Charlie was Pokemon and Mila was Mummies and Daddies.  The park is great it has a huge wooden fort, various different types of swing, a little house and small boat. There is also an area to build dens. Usually we would spend more time den making but it was a little wet and slippery today.

After a good couple of hours play we headed home cold and tired. But not before our mammoth walk back to the car. It’s not far to be honest but took ages as Bella insisted on jumping in every single puddle “screw you Peppa Pig”. I didn’t have the heart to stop her to be honest as she was having so much fun, and we weren’t in any rush.

Once home we had hot chocolates and cream to warm up. They are becoming a bit of a cold weather tradition on our house.

On Wednesday we headed into York on the bus with some of Charlie’s school friends to visit the National Railway Museum. The bus is a big excitement in our house because in all honesty I just find it much easier to drive. The kids loved it though and Mila even said it was one of her favourite parts of the day at bedtime so I think I need to do it more.



We actually visit the NRM quite a lot as it is pretty easy and near for us but today was different because they had loads of amazing space themed activities. The museum is currently home to Tim Peakes space shuttle which according to Charlie will be in York a little while longer before moving to Manchester (I missed that part of the talk, I was too busy chatting oops!). We visited the planetarium which mesmerised all three of my children, even Bella who really doesn’t do sitting still. After this we had our picnic lunch and moved onto a fantastic stall by Technology in Play, specialise in providing activities to engage curious minds. The crazy dough activity was a big hit for us.

Next stop we headed to see the space shuttle and meet some more friends. There were lots of other space themed activities to take part in. We had a lovely day but the journey back to catch the bus home reminded me why we don’t really do buses too much. the kids were all tired and grumpy, and so was I.

On Thursday we headed to Temple Newsam which is near Leeds. I have written more about our day here.

After such a busy week we had a quiet lazy day on Friday and stayed home. I think once in a while its nice for us to have a pj day, although I did get dressed as we had lots of workmen outside our house sorting out the fibre optic broadband. I planned to get a few jobs around the house but I ended up playing Playmobil, Pokémon and Barbie along with baking cakes and biscuits.


These quiet  days are often some of my favourite, just being together.  I am going to miss the holidays roll on Easter.


A day at the coast

Its half term here and our week is pretty busy. We were lucky enough to start the week with Daddy though as he had booked a day off work. We didn’t want to waste the day so headed out to the coast. We are quite lucky where we live in that we can reach a few different coastal towns in around 1 hour.  We plumped for Filey this time though as it is one of the ones we don’t visit as much.

We arrived just before midday and headed straight to the beach. Charlie was super excited to collect some smooth pebbles as part of his half term homework, Mila and Bella were keen to join in too. We soon had a bag full of stones and shells. We walked along the beach and tentatively towards the sea. Bella wasn’t sure on this so insisted on being carried. Charlie was nearly caught out by the sea whilst drawing pictures (mostly of pokemon I think) in the sand. Gig (my husband and their Daddy) managed to get a couple of action shots of this. we chased our way up the beach following Bella who kept wondering after each dog she saw, and the beach was full of them. Mila was just happy to keep writing her name in the sand and find the nice shiny pearly looking shells.

If you have ever been to Filey before you will know it only has a small front with a few shops, and an arcade. This was our next stop. We went straight for the arcade. It turns out we have three different amusement junkies, Charlie was very much focused on one 2p machine and stuck at it to try to win a pokemon key ring, Mila was the flirtatious gambler and flitted from machine to machine whilst Bella like the actual arcade machines and rides.

After the arcades we sat outside and had fish and chips followed by an ice-cream for the children. We walked back towards the car. Mila gave up part way so need a shoulder ride from Gig which left me to push the pram up the hill, great fun when it was full of pebbles.

We are back!!

Hello and welcome to our little space on the web. We have been here before under the name of Mummy Daddy Diaries but that was many moons ago.

We are the Hissett family. I am Ruth and will be the one who will mostly write our posts but from time to time you will also hear from John who is my husband. We have been married for 6 and a half years.  We have been very busy in that time too and have welcomed our 3 beautiful children Charlie age 6, Mila age 4 and Bella who is 2. If you see any of my old posts on here I used to keep my children unnamed, however I will name them now as it will help with my writing flow. DSC_0878

Recently I stumbled across some old blog posts on my laptop and read through them. I miss having them to look back on and really want try an build a memory bank. I plan to use this space to record our family moments, and the things we get up to each week. Mainly So that when I am old and grey and they have flown the nest I have something to look back on.

Anyway, thanks for reading and I hope you can stop bye again.