Remember the small things #9

Always so smiley.


Our week that was!

We have had a lovely week even though it has rained and rained. This week was a blank canvas as our usual classes and play groups were cancelled because of half term. Weeks like this are my favourite type, lazy mornings, late breakfasts, endless games at home and seeing friends and family without the need to dash and clock watch.

We met one of my oldest and bestest friends for a spot of lunch and catch up in town. We don’t see each other that often so iris always great to catch up. I then headed out with her later minus the kiddies and husband for more drink, this time lots of adult ones. Oh and a spot of dancing too, we had such fun which was long over due.
Today started with a small (huge) hangover, I am not sure I can party like the old times any more. However  I found myself overcompensating for my hangover so probably got more accomplished than I may have otherwise. A high light of the day was heading to the cinema to watch Postman Pat the movie. Well the movie was pretty lame if I am honest but Little Mr loved it. So did Little Miss though she had a snooze mid film, oh how I wish I could have done the same. 
On Monday we headed over to my In-laws for a Birthday Buffet. They are both having birthdays over the next week but will be away on holiday so we took our presents and the card that Little Mr and Little Miss made for their Grandma. We made her an extra special card as she will be having a milestone Birthday.
Today we headed to Sheffield. We stopped for a spot of lunch with friends from my university days. We are all getting married and having babies now so there is always something new and exciting to catch up on. This time it was a friends engagement proposal in New York. It took me back as that is where me and the hubby got engaged.  After lunch we headed to a soft play as there is only so long you can expect toddlers to sit nicely for. I love watching our children play together.
This was our lazy day of the week, well lazy morning anyway. We had a lie in, well I class 8 am as a lie in don’t you?! We were awake but we just stayed snuggled under the quilt watching TV. Later I had an appointment with my health visitor to discuss Little Miss’s allergic reactions and see how she was. So I dropped Little Mr off at my Mums. The weather was pants yet again so we got caught out in a down pour mid journey from the car to the childrens centre. On our return we were greeted with some fabulous post on our doormat. Our Merlin annual family pass from Kellogg’s had arrived. We are so excited to start using it.


We started today building a fireman/camper small world. Little Mr loves creating his own stories with the figures. At the moment he seems to love being the hero whilst I get to be the monkey/dragon/monster *delete as appropriate. We then headed to my Dads for a cuppa and a catch up. We spent the afternoon den making and ‘mountain’ climbing in the living room.


Today was also a big day for Little Miss. We put her in her own room in her cot for the first time on a night. She only lasted a couple of hours but still it’s a start.

We visited a local petting farm today called Piglets. We love visiting as there is always loads to do. We were a little worried about the weather but it stayed dry albeit cloudy all day. Our highlights were Little Mr Miss and myself all jumping on the bouncy pillows, riding the blue tractors and Little Mr’s favourite, seeing a sheep get a ‘haircut’.
We have had a lovely chilled week with little clock watching, but we have missed all our usual groups so will be looking forward to them next week.
Have you had a good week? What have you been upto?

Weaning Stumble

We recently started weaning Little Miss and the first week went great. I had it all planned out, I had even timetabled in what she was to have and when and made up a stash of our own baby food. During her first week she didn’t really eat much as such just had a taste and spat most out. I wasn’t too worried about this as she is clearly thriving and my little boy was much the same. This past week she has properly eaten, not much but still eaten. I may have got carried away and offered her a finger of toast etc but it was great to see her chomping away.

Unfortunately during the last few days she has reacted to something she has eaten, with and upset tummy and blotchy red rash. I have also never seen nappy rash like it and it makes me feel terribly guilty that something I have given her may have caused it. Thankfully heaps of sudocrem and nappy off time are doing the trick to heal her bottom. The worst part is I am not really sure what caused it, my thoughts are either the baby porridge/bread but we are not 100%.
However we have stopped all food for now and will continue with breastfeeds only until the rash completely clears. Then we will be back to the drawing board. We are going to introduce each food really slowly this time giving a couple of days on each and then moving on. Hopefully this helps us pin point what it was and introduce it really slowly.
Did you experience any stumbles on your weaning journey? 
Super Busy Mum

Literacy Dig

Recently Little Mr has been getting more and more frustrated about not being able to read. Each night we have at least one bed time story along with others through the day. He used to be content repelling himself the story using the pictures. However he now recognises the text and that it has a meaning but to him they are just squiggles if you like so he becomes frustrated. Every since he was tiny he has always had a love of books. We would read the ‘that’s not my…’ Series of touchy freely books. Even from as young as 8 months he was showing an understanding of left to right correspondence and looking for the hidden mouse on each page. He engages with stories now and can answer simple questions such as What might happen next? And he can join in with parts of his favourite stories such as Room on the Broom. He really is ready now though for the next step in his reading journey.

So with this in mind I set up a letter dig. I wanted to help encourage him to recognise the letters and there names to begin with. So I buried the letters for him to find and place in the jigsaw. To begin with I have left this activity as an invitation to play, so with very little input from me. I plan on introducing the letters as and when he is ready. Certain ones he already has such as ‘S’.

I used sensory salt to bury the letters. It is a mix I use regularly at work. If is great as children can trace letters in it too. At home I have a large shallow tray which is perfect for keeping it all contained.
Sensory salt:
1 cup talc
1 cup salt
Poster paint (enough to change the colour but not go gloopy)
I keep mine in a jar it lasts for ages. I made this 2 months ago and it has been used for lots of activities such a moon sand space role play, and letter writing.

I am really looking forward to this next exciting step in Little Mr’s journey.

Personalised Wedding Gift

Now I am a little old fashioned when it comes to weddings and gifts, I much prefer to give a gift than a voucher or money and I am not really a fan of being told what to buy through a gift list either. So for our most recent wedding I made up a simple hamper with some hand crafted labels. One of my favourite purchases for my craft stash was a letter stamp set. I have used it countless times and love the effect it creates.
I chose luggage labels to stamp on for this gift to give a shabby chic, vintage feel. We were a little limited on budget as along with travel, outfits, hotel plus two more weddings and the fact we are now living on one wage, but I think we managed to pull off a presentable and thoughtful gift.
I chose a smallish basket, it was smaller than I needed but that stopped me buying more to fill it with. As soon as I saw the date block I knew I had to have it as I liked the idea of setting the date to their wedding day. I also packed the hamper with old fashioned sweets, a candle, prosecco (switched at the last minute as the bride doesn’t drink wine), a photo frame, plus crafty things for their children.

As the bride and groom already have 3 children I wanted to give them something that they could all have a part of hence the crafty things and sweets.

Ideally I would have wrapped this with cellophane however there was a severe shortage the day I went shopping and so tissue paper it was. I finished with ribbon and a Just married slate heart. I personalised this with there wedding date and wrote a message on the back too.
Now I have to think of something creative for the next wedding?!

Little Miss In Pictures

I can’t believe that Little Miss is already 6 months old. I mean 6 MONTHS!! How did the time go so quickly, its half a year. Cliche I know but it has gone so much more quickly the second time around, I am sure anyone with more than one would agree. 

Now I take a lot of pictures of my children whether its on my phone, the husbands phone, the IPad, or camera. It is so easy to take pictures nowadays and keep a record of your child’s early years. Most of my pictures are on the hop, mid action or activity as I am not too keen on sit and smile at the camera approach, it seems to false and staged for me and not really capturing the true memory or moment. Anyway recently I have been thinking how I have fewer pictures of Little Miss on her own than Little Mr (for obvious reasons) but I thought it would be nice to get some of just her. They are not the best pictures for a few reasons 1, she isn’t feeling too great and 2, we were in a rush to get our baking out of the oven. But I love them. My favourite is the last one.