Mothers Day

This year I was well and truly spoilt for Mothers Day. First of Little Mr didn’t get up till 8.15 which was great especially as the clocks had gone forwards too. We had a lazy hour in bed where I was treated to breakfast and so was Little Mr actually.  Maybe next year he will help make the breakfast. I got a lovely handmade card. I always prefer gifts that have some time, thought and personalisation in them compared to something that you could give to any one.

I also got this fantastic personalised story which we all read together in bed.

Car selfie on the way to Whitby. Both babies were fast asleep, luckily my Dad has a spacious car so it wasn’t too squishy between two car seats.


Arguments Yard the irony being we never have arguments, honest 😉


Little Miss thoroughly enjoyed the bumpy ride over the cobbled streets.

My beautiful view while we sat and ate fish and chips.
We also headed to the beach where we played chase with the sea, played football and the dogs ran wild.




Remember the small things #1

In attempt to remember all of the small things that make a happy family we are going to make a record of them here. We will include a picture and a short caption with each. Short and sweet.

So our first post will start right here right now.
Remember the small things #1
The lingering gazes from Little Miss to her big brother.

Spring Paintings

Yippee spring is in the air and the house and garden are full of flowers. What better inspiration for some spring panting. Little Mr loves painting and being outside so we decided to add our own dash of spring colour to the garden.


We used foam paint which is a firm favourite in our house.

                               Little Mr aged 2

This is what we ended up with. Note Little Mr’s favourite colour this week is red, hence the red leaves too.

Little Miss is a little too young for outside painting as yet but still wanted to get in on the action. We decided to use Centre Parcs creative director Emma’s top tip of finger painting. 



However it turns out finger/hand printing is a little tricky with a baby who loves to clench her fists and a toddler intent on painting everything in sight red. we swiftly decided to move onto feet.

                               Little Miss 4months
We had great time!

Oh and this is what happens to your patio doors if you turn your back for a second.
“Look at my lovely window flower painting Mummy”

This is my entry to Centre Parcs and Tots100 March challenge. If I am chosen I would like to visit Sherwood Forest.


It’s the weekend!!

My most favourite part of the week in Friday it always has been. Admittedly the reasons go it being my favourite day have changed big time. Once it was the excitement of getting glammed up to party away the end of the week with promises of lazy lie ins, casual lunch dates, a spot of shopping,cinema trips maybe even another night out to showcase the new shoes.

Now it is the excitement of the door opening as my hubby gets back from work and the excitement of spending the weekend together just as a four, they are our favourite weekends.  This weekend will be a little different as it is Mothers Day so we are heading to the coast. I do love Sunday lunches but we do that all the blooming time so instead we like to go somewhere especially now we have our own children. This will be my first Mother’s Day having a daughter as well as a son I can’t wait. It was a great day on Little Mr’s first Mother’s Day, I finally felt like I belonged to ‘the club’. The day becomes all the more special when you have your own children to share it with. I am lucky enough to have my mum around to share the day with too so can only imagine that the day becomes tinged with sadness if you don’t.  I know it’s only one day of 365 more but it must bring it home all the more. It really makes me want to cherish the ones I have.

Yikes, what do you do when you finish the Sopranos box set?

Now in our house during pregnancy and the early days of baby hood we have had a staple box set to see us through the many nights of broken sleep. With Little Mr we settled with the Friends box set. It was something easy to watch that we could dip in and out of and it didn’t really matter if we fell asleep before he end as we had seen them all any how.

It was a different story with Little Miss. Perhaps because we were already accustomed to the customary sleep depravation that comes with children we decided to go for some thing more meaty. We settled on the Sopranos. It had been patiently been waiting to be watched for a few months but we just hadn’t got around to it. Now felt like the ideal time. Now Mr H was immediately taken butI must admit it took me longer, however after watching a few back to back I was filmy hooked.
I would seriously recommend it as a pregnancy/maternity leave box set. It it about an Italian American mob. Tony Soprano being the head of the mob. Inevitably it contains some violence but throughout the season the characters are developed exceptionally. I really felt like I knew them and surprisingly sympathetic towards them even when they may have committed something horrific. 
Our only problem now is we are in limbo. What do we watch now?! We need another box set. 
Mr H on the other hand found a gem of a book.

Full of lots of hearty Italian meals, Mr H had a tough time trying to decide what to cook first. He finally settled on a baked ziti which included  the staple ‘gravy’ (not like your normal gravy) which features in lots of the recipes. It was lovely and went down very well with little Mr too. The book seems full of pretty  good staple family meals. Hopefully the will stave off Mr H’s pining for the series.

Where is the snow Mummy?

Where is the snow Mummy?
 This is a question we have been hearing a lot lately from Little Mr. Who can blame him really it is exciting and the play opportunities are endless. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like we are going to get any of the white stuff (cue big snow storm overnight). So I made Little Mr his own snowy small world. Not as good as the real thing but Little Mr enjoyed it none the less.
I used a big tray, a few of our Happy Land toys for a mountain,  snow cave and ice caps. I used a favourite of ours, shaving foam to create the snow. I added ice cubes too to create an extra dimension to the sensory play.
We even managed to make our own snowmen with the foam. Little Mr has been desperate to build one since he saw some pictures of the ones we built last year.
Little Mr had lots of adventures with his figures. Mostly involving saving someone from the top of the snowy mountain. It is brilliant to play along side him but equally I love the moments when I watch him play independently.  He really is developing a great imagination and is able to formulate his own role play ideas. It makes me so proud to see.
Mrs H

One of THOSE days

Now maybe it’s just me but today really has been one of THOSE days. I hope nobody thinks I am ungrateful for what I have, I am certainly not and I do tell myself one day I will miss here hectic moments.

So it went a little like this.
Little Mr refused his breakfast because his spoon was dirty after he had put it into his cereal.  He cried because he wanted to keep his pjs on, and then layer as he wanted them off. Little Miss had a lie in but she is a little off weather with a slight temperature, which means she is wingey. She is not a baby that cries usually and I know we are very lucky for that. We had a nice time building an enchanted forest out of play doh, but we had tears because his road was purple and he wanted it red even though he chose purple!! Little Miss had 3 outfit changes by lunch time due to explosions from one end or the other. She decided she was hungry, I mean mega hungry not been fed in EVER hungry  so screamed blue murder at the precise point little Mr needed the toilet. I have these point when you are split between the two when they both need you equally and deserve your attention but what’s you do, who do you see to first?!? In this instance I chose to position Little Mr by the potty and sit and feed Little Miss. The extra freedom for Little Mr meant he decided to do some sort of hokey cokey dance whilst doing his business – I am very grateful to everyone who steered me away from replacing our laminate flooring with carpets!

Which leads me to where I am now feeding little Miss and resorting to a spot of Cbeebies because today is one of THOSE days.